Take the Challenge

Since our family’s clothes shopping ban became internet news, I’d like to take this opportunity to extend an invitation.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about ways to cut back, save money, and reduce waste in your own life already.

Maybe you think it’s easy and you already “never buy clothing.”

Maybe you like shopping for clothes and putting together outfits a little too much, and you’re ready to commit to spending less on this hobby.

Maybe you’d like to give back more to your community, but you find yourself stretched for time and money.

If any of these are you, I’d encourage you to take the Shopping Ban Challenge.

Step One: Decide the Rules

The great thing about this challenge is you get to decide the what to give up and the duration yourself. The idea is to give up something that will be a little difficult, not something you never buy. You should notice a difference in your spending and your free time. If you already never buy clothes, make it books, music, or takeout coffee. Whatever little luxuries that you do buy.

If clothes is your thing, you can do what I did and commit to not buy clothing for a year. Or adapt it if you’d like. Maybe nothing at all for a month. Maybe only used clothing for a year.

You can decide the exclusions yourself, but I’d encourage you not to make too many. The “all or nothing” approach really worked best for me. It’s so much easier to say “I’m not allowed to buy that right now” than it is to wrestle with “should I” or “shouldn’t I?” every time I want to make a purchase.

If you’ve been waiting, here’s your chance!

Step Two: Commit

Let someone know that you’re doing this challenge! Tell them the rules and details so they can hold you accountable…or at least not invite you to go shopping! Write it down in a journal. Supposedly, simply writing your goal down improves your odds of success!

Contact me if you’d like. I won’t share your information with anyone, and I’d love to know if my story has inspired you!

Step Three: Get Support

After that, check out this post I’ve written with some shopping ban tips you might find helpful.

Then tell the world. Post, tweet, share, and tell everyone what you’re doing. They may not all agree with you, but even naysayers can help hold you to a challenge. The idea isn’t just for support, but for accountability.


Deciding to do it is half the challenge. Once you’ve got the details and the duration locked down, you’re nearly there! Enjoy that free time that you’re not shopping. Get a new hobby. Go for a walk or ride your bike. Invest in relationships. Dream about what to do with the money you’re saving.

Let’s do this thing!

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