More About Me

Hi, I’m Emily Kathryn. I am the wife of Joshua and mother of Malachi and Shiloh. Thanks for stopping in! I’m glad you’re here!



I’m a writer and filmmaker with a degree in Mass Communications.

I believe in enjoying the small things and living a frugal, sustainable lifestyle. You might call it minimalism. You might call it simplicity. Whatever you call it, we’ve been living this way since around 2013 and it has been life-changing!

We went from being a two-car, two-commute family, to a family that prefers to bike and walk most places. (We still have one car!)

We went from a typical home in the suburbs, to a more urban, historic neighborhood – where we can get almost everywhere by walking or public transit.

I was in the news for my year-long clothes shopping ban. The idea behind it was to break the shopping addiction that had me hooked, and to find more sustainable ways to spend my money and my time. I still do shopping bans now and then to stay on track, and I invite my readers to join in!

I’m passionate about health and fitness. Rowing is my current obsession but I also love biking, hiking, yoga, and weightlifting. Anything that gets me moving, especially outdoors, is medicine for my soul.

Our family mission: Simplicity, Generosity, HospitalityCommunity.


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