More About Me

Hi, I’m Emily Kathryn. I am the wife of Joshua and mother of Malachi and Shiloh.

I have a degree in Mass Communications, but currently work only on a volunteer basis. My dream as a filmmaker used to be to move to Hollywood and direct independent features, but now it is to travel and create films to raise awareness for non-profit ministries around the world.

In fall 2014 we moved out of the St. Louis suburbs and into a 100-year-old restored house in the city. We have lived with friends and several international students, both short-term and long-term. In addition, we regularly host house shows and provide lodging to independent touring bands.

I quit my day job in summer of 2016. Even though I liked working, it was time for me to invest in my family first. I say that I’m an early retiree because it sounds exciting. Our frugal living is a big part of how I’m able to stay home.

I want to “unschool” my children, whilst traveling, hiking, and going on adventures when they’re a little older. Our days currently consist of lots of play-dates and trips to the library and the park.

I am passionate about Jesus, minimalismhealthy food, runningthe alternative music scene, and filmmakingI hope to encourage other women to be their strong and beautiful selves.

Our family mission: Simplicity, Generosity, HospitalityCommunity.

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