A Little Film Test

Anchor from Emily Hedlund on Vimeo.

Still expanding my horizons over here! This week I was inspired to create a little HD test video with my Canon T3i. I don’t know how many of you know about cameras, but this little guy is vying to replace my trusty old Panasonic DVX 100b with his portability, superior resolution, and interchangeable lenses! It’s like getting a new film camera for free basically since I already had the Canon for still photos. You can’t tell in this test, but the Canon is compatible with my Sennheiser lapel mic, which opens up the possibility for good quality audio on board. It was very easy to import into Final Cut Pro 7 and throw together this edit. All I will need to purchase in order for this to effectively replace my Panasonic is a larger storage chip – and they run about $20-$40! Not bad for a whole new setup option!

I’m excited about the possibilities. Dreaming about getting back into the film scene, not as a freelancer, but as an artist and a documentarian. Telling stories visually is so important to me! As someone with a lot to say and not enough ways to get it out, it’s sometimes frustrating when I’m unable to express myself fully.

I fell out of love with film a few years ago after studying it and doing it professionally for too long. The long hours, stress, and business side of it was not worth it. I simply didn’t like charging people for something that was always meant to be a passion, not a job. I took a long break when Malachi was born and have done nothing but a few weddings here and there. The thought of filmmaking out of love rather than as a source of income is completely thrilling to me.

Stay tuned for more film updates in the future!

Music by Beautiful Eulogy with guest Josh Garrels. Both will be at Audiofeed this year!



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  1. I used to use a dvx 100b myself and now use t3i!
    do you still use your dvx?

    • It’s been sitting in a closet for about a year unfortunately. I’m not quite ready to part ways though…I think I might still want it for long events like weddings and for two-camera setups since I also have a small Panasonic camcorder of the same resolution.

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