Buy Nothing Month

Once again it’s Monthly Challenge time!

We haven’t done a spending challenge lately other than my ongoing clothes-shopping ban, so I thought it was time for another one! We recently completed a No Sugar Month and a No Phone Challenge. Both were pretty difficult and had me wishing the month was shorter…but neither one was spending-related!

There’s no quicker way to jump-start a frugal or minimalist journey than to simply stop buying things. Nothing fancy or crazy here – it’s very straightforward! And nothing like a shopping ban to make you aware of all the silly things you want to spend money on and hopefully change future habits!

Seeing as I just bought a bike this month, it’s tempting to jump into spending on every accessory I could possibly ever need. Also the change of seasons makes me want to buy lots of plants, new running shoes, and other outdoorsy things.

The Rules!

So Josh and I are declaring the month of April “Buy Nothing Month” for our family. The exclusions are groceries (we buy little necessities like TP at the grocery store so I’m including them here), gas, and working on the house (our home is an ongoing project!) That’s it!

We’ll see how this goes. I feel like the timing is right for us to do this, because it’s a month I really don’t want to Buy Nothing…if that makes sense! They say the most important time to workout is when you don’t feel like it, right? I know the temptation to spend will be there. I’m an all-or-nothing person when it comes to spending, so setting some strict parameters is my best shot at frugality.

What’s the Point?

But what’s the point of a shopping ban, you might ask? Especially if you’ll buy many of those things in another month anyway?

Shopping bans are about self-control and delaying gratification. Most frivolous purchases are impulse buys, so delaying purchases will separate those you want and those you actually need. I’ve become pretty good at delaying purchases, and you’d be surprised how many of my “one more month” purchases never end up happening (and I never missed them!) This is a huge win for anyone trying to save money or avoid clutter in their home.

Let us know if you’re interested in joining! In the meantime, I’ll hopefully be out there enjoying the simple, free things like riding my bike, running (in my old, beat-up running shoes!) and playing at the park with the kiddos! With weather this nice, the last place I want to be is the store….I hope!


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