Simple Goals for 2016

I’m not much of a yearly resolution person as I’ve let myself down too many times.

I am, however, a fan of goals and sticking to them.

While a fresh yearly reset is nice, I like making changes right away, not waiting for January. That’s precisely why my clothes-shopping ban started in June – there was no point in putting it off. Now I’m more than halfway through it!

Last year my only resolution was to get through pregnancy (not my favorite) and give birth to Mr. Shiloh. We did that!

I’ve found that monthly goals are easier than yearly goals if it’s something really challenging. Sometimes what starts as a monthly challenge becomes a habit that sticks anyway! I hope to do more monthly money challenges this year in order to spend and consume less.

I’ve found that the more specific and public I am with my goals, the greater the chance that I will stick with them. As soon as I share it with people, there’s accountability. I sometimes let myself down, but I don’t want to let y’all down. So here goes…

My Simple Goals for 2016:

Run at least two races – one for fun and one for speed.

Running is important to me, and a great outlet for my energy and emotions. I didn’t run a single “real” race last year due to pregnancy fatigue, so this is the year to rekindle that fervor. Hopefully I’ll regain some speed too!

This was after my fastest 5K – 24:45

Don’t buy alcohol.

Difficult, as I have a fondness for craft beer, and I’m not even pregnant this year! But quality adult beverages can carry a hefty price tag, and I can think of a dozen better ways to spend that money. Why not pay down debt, make a needed home repair, invest it, or give it away? I’ll still allow myself sips here and there, but I won’t go crazy, and I won’t purchase any for myself. I can appreciate all the flavors, aromas, and nuances in a sip that I can in a bottle.

Coffee stouts are nice, but I’ll save a lot by taking a break.

Finish my clothes-shopping ban strong.

I would really like to finish this ban in June with a sense of contentment and not feeling like I need to go out and buy a years’ worth of clothing. If I can just buy a new pair of running shoes and be happy with that, awesome!

Eventually these shoes will need to retire.

Take breaks from sugar.

I already don’t buy sugar, and the homemade treats we have on rare occasions are naturally sweetened. While it’s fairly easy for me to control my sugar consumption at home, when sweets show up at work or parties, I need better self-control. I know for a fact that it’s more fulfilling to resist the sugary treats than it is to give in. Every time. I also know that for me, having an all-or-nothing approach is helpful. If I decide ahead of time that I’m not giving in, that’s all it takes. Decision made. It’s the gray areas that are hard: Should I? Shouldn’t I? I plan to take a solid month off sugar in February to re-set my sweetness threshold and conquer the cravings.

The less sugar I eat, the more greens I’ll want to eat.

Keep it simple.

It’s important to Josh and I that our normal weekly routine be enriching and not wear us out. That said, this year we want to slowly add in more serving our community while keeping the family and rest balance healthy. This will require lots of communication and check-ins. We want to work with refugees, host foreign exchange students, tutor kids, and continue hosting bands and overnight guests in our home. It’s easy to get excited about these things, but important that we don’t overdo it and get burnt-out!

Yes, we’re still figuring out life as a family of four!


Cheers to a great year of wellness, frugality, and simple joys! 

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