I’m starting to realize that other people think things I do are weird.

Making yogurt. Baking bread. Fermenting sourdough and kombucha. Sprouting grains. Drinking green smoothies. Running. Insanity.

I’ve kind of immersed myself in a culture online and with certain friends that makes me feel I don’t do ENOUGH of these things. I feel I’m only halfway as out there as I could be. For instance, I’m still in complete AWE of 100% raw vegans, or homesteaders that make their own EVERYTHING from their own gardens and animals.

But of course everyone thinks of themselves as normal to some degree…we know our reasons for doing things and it all makes sense to us. No one thinks of THEMSELVES as a health freak, a dirty hippie, a hillbilly farmer, or any other derogative stereotype.

I’m starting to realize now that I’m far from normal. Most people eat “normal, American food,” so my family isn’t typical in that respect.

We don’t buy processed foods, white sugar, trans fat, or much meat. We load up on organic veggies and whole grains. Real food. We don’t eat out except for date nights. I feel like this is slowly becoming the “norm” for lots of people thanks to popular books, documentaries, and food science.

But it’s not there yet. To people who don’t know about all the different levels of food knowledge, we’re already at some weird and unattainable level.

Like when people who don’t run at all mistakingly think my husband and I run marathons. (We run 5ks).

Josh made a good point by asking me, who in our lives do we do that to? Who do we know with passions we don’t understand and mistakingly assume things about?

Good question.

So I’m not offended by the misunderstandings and the questions I get from people. Instead I’m trying to look at myself and gauge how I can better understand people who are different.

How have I misunderstood or been misinformed about you?

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