I’m Proud of Us

I don’t like to ring my own bell too much, but these past two weeks have been pretty cool:

Dreaming about the future – Josh and I have great goals for our life as a family. Don’t know exactly when or how it will all happen, but praying for God to use us in great ways. To build community, to consume less, to teach, to grow, to volunteer, to minister and serve.

Praying for other countries each night – something I always wanted to do but didn’t know how to do until we discovered Operation World. It’s like a mini geography lesson with prayer points to help you get started. I think you cover the whole globe in a year. Can’t wait to include Malachi in this tradition when he’s older.

Reading together – mostly the Bible, but some other books as well, and discussing them together. Forming opinions about the Christian faith and sharpening our outlook on life together. We’ve learned a lot about marriage, faith, and parenting through good books.

Running together in the evenings – reaching new goals is fun. Josh is trying to be healthy, and I’m training for a 5K in Sept. We had our two best runs this week. They were two miles in mild weather which felt great after those first few grueling shorter runs (our neighborhood is called St. Charles Hills for a reason!)

Eating healthy together – Finding healthy meals and snacks we both like. It feels good to eat well and be full! Granola, peanut butter, bananas, oats, veggies, Greek yogurt, eggs with kale, nuts, dried fruit…being healthy can be pretty tasty! We’re focusing on high protein, high fiber, minimizing sodium and refined sugar. Returning to my lightest pre-pregnancy weight, and rebuilding my muscle tone feels amazing!

Successful baby outings – including the Botanical Gardens, a whole day of thrifting, a few restaurants, and a hip hop concert. Feels great to not be house-bound because my baby can’t handle social situations. I almost wish I could keep him this size and temperament…he’s so happy and portable right now!

Worship – One of the highlights of my week was getting to wear Malachi onstage while helping lead worship at church. He did great, and it felt like a powerful testimony to me of God’s love, faithfulness, strength, and future blessings. I never really played an instrument, but Malachi is an instrument of peace I hope to raise up for his generation. It was very significant to me.

Quality time with friends who support and encourage me – they know who they are; they accept me and they accept Malachi too. This is so important and I hope I’m able to be an encouragement to them as well. It truly enriches my soul to spend time among loving and like-minded friends.

Getting into my groove at work – the joy of being industrious, working hard to accomplish things, getting to chat with coworkers and customers I haven’t seen in months. I feel like people are so surprised that I want to work and not stay home all the time. But I love it. I’m willing to quit when the time comes, but I’m still meant to be there for this season of life. I think we’re finding the right balance for our family.

Feeling rested at night – While we’re still working on perfecting Malachi’s sleep habits, I’ve become acclimated to this baby lifestyle and my sleep has been good even with the night wakings. Thankful and excited that the night wakings are improving also!

Josh gets half the credit for this list as he has such high standards for himself and for our family, and the discipline to hold accountable. He is an inspiration in maturity and delayed gratification. I’m ever so thankful for a strong, understanding husband who sees the world the way I see the world. Our life is so rich right now!

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