Things I Learned at Audiofeed


Just got back from a great weekend at the first annual Audiofeed Music Festival. The weather was near-perfect, the bands were great. Hopefully there will be an even larger crowd next year as word spreads about this wonderful event!
So thankful that we were able to make it there and be inspired by other believers, music lovers, and other young parents!
Here are some of the highlights that I’m thinking about upon returning:

1) Babywearing is the key to keeping baby out after bedtime
Just let them sleep in the sling and go have fun! Truly life-changing advice if you’re a new mommy like me! Oh the possibilities! This might be the end of babysitters as we know it.

2) Sometimes God puts us in a holding pattern
What this means is that we don’t always have the go-ahead from God, so we have to wait for things.
Wait to get funding, wait to get pregnant, wait to move to another home or another job.
Waiting doesn’t mean no; it just means wait.
Waiting doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong. Keep doing what you’re doing while you wait for the next door to open.
Waiting can be a blessing. It’s easy to see when thinking about past experiences in retrospect. The waiting always had a reason, even when we didn’t see it at the time.
Josh and I enjoy sharing excitement about what our future might look like, but for now we feel we’re supposed to be here, waiting on the Lord.

3) Don’t stereotype yourself
Even among a large group of non-conformists, people tend to conform to certain ideas within that group. It’s important to evaluate every idea you hold based on your own learning and experiences.
Don’t simply accept a certain view because it’s held by like-minded peers.
Know why you stand for what you stand for. If you’re not sure, find out.
In the areas of religion and politics especially – don’t simply follow a denomination or a political party with blind wholeheartedness.
Question everything, and most importantly, be your own person!

4) Live outside your comfort zone
In order to live, truly live, we have to get our minds off of comfort.
This is something I hope to instill in my children – hence bringing my three-month-old to an outdoor music festival in the first place!
It’s comfortable to stay in our nice homes with soft beds and climate control.
It’s easy to plop children in front of a television and ignore them.
It’s far more difficult to actually get out and live life! But that’s where memories are made.
Some of my best childhood memories were when I was uncomfortable: the thrill of overcoming roller coaster fears, the miserable fun of camping in tornadoes and freezing or extremely hot weather, the fun rambling after a night without enough sleep.
Comfort is stationary, and accomplishes little.
I don’t want to lead a stationary life.
I want to be uncomfortable for the right reasons.
I want to lose sleep for the right reasons and have muscles that ache for the right reasons.
I want my child to know this all his life.

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