No Apologies

I’m at an age where most of my friends don’t have kids.
Some people are scared of babies.
Some people are weirded out by things like diapers, spit up, and breastfeeding.
Some people don’t even want kids.
I sometimes catch myself feeling like I must apologize for Malachi when he does baby things like cry and poop because not everyone is used to these things.
If he cries while we’re out in public, I feel bad for those around me.
Yet I hear him fuss everyday for one reason or another and it’s perfectly normal.
So why do I feel that I must whisk him off to the car to deal with it in private?
Keep in mind, he’s a baby. This isn’t lack of discipline or misbehaving.
It’s just Malachi being a baby.
Is it really necessary to hide my baby away so ordinary people aren’t subjected to my baby doing baby things?
Do I need to apologize for my baby acting like a baby?
Or is there grace in the world for that?
I don’t regret my son.
I’m not ashamed of him.
Not one bit.
He’s part of who I am now.
So if people liked me before I was a mommy, they must accept my baby also.
We’re a package deal.
Maybe I’m just self-conscious.
This whole thing might be in my mind.
But even if it is, I need to assure myself that it’s okay.
I’m not apologizing for a baby who does baby things.
I’m sorry if you’re not a “baby person.”
I’m sorry if you think it’s weird or inconvenient.
But I love my son, I have nothing to be ashamed of, and babies are pretty much the coolest thing ever.

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