Only a Season

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.
Ecclesiastes 3:1

Life is made up of seasons, and some seasons of life are tougher than others.
It helps to remember this and know that whatever I’m going through is only a season.

For instance, getting through school while working two jobs was a hard season consisting of lots of work, deadlines, and little sleep. I worked till 11 at night, came home, and crashed before my 8 am class, followed by more classes, tutoring, homework, and then back to my job till 11.
I would count down the days until the semester was over.
I would pray for strength to get by during my car rides between school and work.
But I did it!

For a few months I worked 7 days a week between TJ’s and filming a movie.
Four movie days, which were usually 12+ hours filming, and three 9-hour TJ’s days.
I wouldn’t recommend this lifestyle all the time, but I survived those months.
I rested when I could, enjoyed my work for what it was, and basked in the off moments that I could scrounge up.

Waiting to get married and waiting for the baby to be born were also hard seasons.
They required much counting down and patience, but the end result was so worth the waiting. And the waiting period of preparation and anticipation made the reward that much sweeter.

Having a small baby is yet another season.
It consists of less sleep than I’d like, requires daily surrender and unlimited patience.
But like the other seasons I’ve been through, I’m reminded that I must cherish it.
I only have one chance to make this baby’s babyhood special, and I don’t plan to waste it all wishing I were somewhere else (like fast asleep in a big soft featherbed in the middle of a field of flowers).

Let’s make the best of everything and enjoy where we’re at, remembering that it will only be a short time before the next season comes along…and anyways, sleep is way overrated.



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