Resurrect Me

I love the changing of seasons.
They always serve as a reminder of new beginnings and transformations.
I’m already starting to feel this sense of transformation as the wramth of summer fades, and the crispness of Autumn is just around the corner.
I had an increddible summer of working hard, particularly on the set of the indepedently-produced film Logan.
I think everyone on the crew of Logan did a fantastic job, and I learned a lot from it.
I won’t forget the early mornings, coffee runs, ice pickups, late night callsheets, five-minute powernaps, freestyle rap sessions, movie premieres, the snack table with amazing cookies, the on-set photography, the dogs, guinnipigs, and pet duck on set, all the extras, or my favorite words: “day wrapped.”
I’ll remember driving at least an hour and a half a day, picking up equipment from Bad Dog studios, and helping the guys squish it into the trunk of my van.
I’ll remember setting up meals and snacks twice a day, logging hundreds of shots, and meeting new and interesting people each and every day.
What a relief to be finished, and to know that it went smoothly.
Now I’m in a transition stage between shooting ending, and school beginning.
I’ve enjoyed a few wonderful days off with friends, given myself a chance to get back in the zone spiritually.
I’ve had the chance to catch up with my friend Faith, who has been living in Israel for the past year and a half. Conversing about the spiritual warfare, the fulfilling of prophesies, and the broken holiness of Tel Aviv has been enriching to my soul, and inspired me to delve even deeper into the scriptures.
I’m excited to have this week of Sabbath to refresh myself before school starts.
I got to spend a good amount of time with my best friend as well, loitering in Webster Groves, eating Middle Eastern food, listening to music, and making crafts over coffee in an empty McDonalds.
Whenever I get a chance to slow down, I realize how blessed I am. Which is a good thing to realize.
A blog about new beginnings wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the most significant and positive change: my dad was just offered a job. Another testiment to God’s perfect provision for us. After 8 months of being unemployed, today is Dad’s first day of work.
After a summer of filming and trips to Cornerstone and New York, Monday will be my first day of school.
Praise God for new beginnings!

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  1. I want to hear more about your conversations about spiritual warfare and fulfilling of prophecies… interesting perspectives to be had, I’m sure. I’m glad you enjoyed the filming and so much and that you’re done (just in time for me to be the superbusy one, ha!) and glad for continual new beginnings.

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