On the way to New York City for a missions trip. We’re not even there yet and i’ve already realized some things I need to focus on.

We live in a consumerist culture.

We’ve become desensitized to the needs of the world, and preoccupied with our own petty desires.

We are so wary of scams and people taking our money, that we stop giving altogether, turning away those who are truly in need.
I don’t want to hoard what I have, living in fear of scams and those who would take advantage of me.
I would rather have nothing, than to live in fear of losing everything.

Here in the US, we dont know what true suffering is.

We barely realize how much we have. We can’t even imagine a life without the luxuries we’ve come to expect.

We say we want change and social justice, yet we’re unwilling to act on these convictions because it means surrendering what we’ve worked so hard for.

So the question is, who am I serving?

I’m guilty of serving only myself.

I’m guity of thinking I’m entitled things I have been freely given.

I’m guilty of false humility and I’m guilty of giving with the wrong intentions.

Dying to myself means surrendering all I have to the Lord of my life.

I need to put my faith into action by giving more, and trusting that He will provide.

I need to do more about the poverty that I see around me, and hold nothing back.

I look at the early church and how they shared everything they had. In Acts the Bible says that there were no needy people among them; that they all had everything they needed.

I think we’ve grown comfortable with a culture that is obsessed with money and greed, even in the church.

We give if there’s something we can get out of it. 

A good feeling. 

A tax deduction. 

We give out of guilt, not with cheerfulness and rejoicing that we’re helping build the Kingdom of heaven.

This is something I need to change. 

I want to live in such a way that my Heavenly Father will be glorified in all I do. 

If I truly believe that my treasure is in heaven, and that my needs here on earth are few, I shouldn’t hold onto it so tightly.

If my actions don’t match my beliefs, than I am nothing but a hypocrite.

Father, I pray that you would forgive my selfishness.

I beg you to accept my gifts, take them and use them for your kingdom.

Kill my inner selfishness. My desires. My hidden motives. 

Help me live generously. 

Show me ways in which I can help and serve and truly give of myself.

I trust you to take care of me in the future, just like you have taken care of me all along.

I believe that I have been lavishly blessed with more than enough to meet my needs.

I fully desire to live a life of service to you.

A life that is simple.

A life that is uncluttered.

A life that breathes for you, where you are the only reward that I’m striving for.

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  1. I was thinking yesterday about how we pretty much satisfy ourselves whenever we want or need anything… we eat food when we’re hungry, drink when we’re thirsty, sleep when we’re tired, go places when we want to go there… and hey, with our iphones and ipod touches we can contact anyone or look up anything whenever we want… and all this satisfaction makes us think we’re entitled to having lots of the things we have… but we’re really not. (I think that’s why fasting can be a good reminder that we’re not entitled to food whenever we want it… and, by extension, other things too) I hope and pray that we can learn to remember that better, in both thought and action.

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