The Rescue.


What an amazing time we had at The Rescue for Invisible Children that was held downtown last weekend!

Hundreds of people met at the Ed Jones Dome at 3 PM on Saturday, and commuted to the Arch grounds, where we all wrote letters to senators, talked to the media, and made our beds outside.

Representitives from Invisible Children asked various celebrities and media moguls to come rescue us. The moguls were to show up and say that Invisible Children was something they believed in and would do their best to help support.

We received updates throughout the night on other cities around the world who had been rescued. There were rumors of Taylor Swift making an appearance, since she had a concert in St. Louis that night. Swift never showed, so members of our group waited into Sunday afternoon to be rescued.

Around 3:30 Sunday afternoon, after over 24 hours of waiting, abductees in St. Louis (accompanied by “Rescue Riders” who traveled from other states to help support the cause) were rescued by Rams football player Chris Chamberlain. After that several of the abductees went on to join the Rescue Riders in Chicago who were still waiting to be rescued.

The Rescue may be over, but the plight in Uganda still goes on. While we helped raise awareness, children in Uganda are still waiting to be rescued from Joseph Kony’s army. Let’s not forget about what we’ve learned, but continue to endure with them.

I made this short video highlighting the events that took place.

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  1. Found this on Google, and will certainly come back. Wish I could contribute better to the article but am only ingesting as much information as possible, for now.

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